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    Imps & Monsters Blind Box Plush Character


    $ 9.95

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    By Justin Hillgrove

    Some are friendly, awkward or mischievous. Others are shy, indifferent, or even openly hostile. Whatever their quirks and oddities, these Imps and Monsters have overcome general anti-human prejudices (and rather severe allergies in some cases) to come out of hiding and hang with us. Just remember, most are more afraid of you than you are of them…

    •Soft plush with premium satin stitch embroidery

    •Smile appliqué, plush horns or other character specific details

    •Elastic attachment loop

    •Comes with matching character specific sticker

    •Sold only as a 'blind box' -- it's all a luck of the draw as to which character you receive

    •There are 12 different characters to collect

    •Order 12 at a time, and you'll receive them in a very nice display box

    Size: 3.5" H

    Care Instructions: To clean, wipe with soft, damp cloth. Allow to air dry. Not machine washable.

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