24 of the Best Catholic Baptism Gifts

Newborn baby baptism, water with hands of priest.

Are you looking for the perfect Catholic Baptism gift? Celebrate a special day with a meaningful and thoughtful present that is sure to bring joy and happiness to the child and family.

A Catholic Baptism is an important event for both the parents and the child, so it’s always nice to commemorate this special occasion with a gift that reflects your care and love.

Here are some great ideas for Catholic Baptism gifts to get you started on your search!

1. My Little Library: Bedtime Bible Stories (12 Board Books)

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your little one?

Look no further than Bedtime Bible Stories! A perfect baptism gift for a baby boy or girl.

This collection of 12 board books is full of charming, age-appropriate stories that will delight and inspire young ones.

The bright and beautiful illustrations bring these timeless tales to life, while their compact size makes them ideal for curious hands.

At only 3x3 inches each, these small but sturdy books can easily follow your child wherever they go - making them a perfect companion at home or on the go.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to pass treasured biblical stories onto the next generation!

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2. Cotton Quilt Embroidered Blanket with 9 Bible Verses

Looking for catholic baby baptism gifts for a lower price?

This gorgeous, Stuff4Tots Baby Quilt is embroidered with 9 different Bible verses, making it the perfect Christian gift huge selection perfect for baby baptism.

The 100% cotton fabric is lightweight and breathable, making it perfect for snuggling up on cold winter nights.

Plus, the premium quality fabric ensures that this quilt will last for years to come.

Order your best gift for baptism day today!

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3. Ocean Drop - Muslin Swaddle Baby Blanket

Looking for great gifts for baptism day? Check out our luxurious Muslin Swaddle Baby Blanket best gift for a baby's baptism.

This ultra-soft 100% cotton blanket is sure to be appreciated by any new parent. Featuring a breathable, lightweight fabric, it’s 47” x 47” of blissful comfort for your little one catholic baptism.

Not only will this swaddle give a warm hug, but it's also decorated with stimulating designs so babies can enjoy the delightful visuals of a praying boy with a holy spirit.

And don’t worry about keeping it clean - it can easily be machine washed!

Whether you want to wrap up your own bundle of joy or take part in celebrating a friend's little miracle, long live the beautiful moment with our high-quality Muslin Swaddle Baby Blanket!

Order your great gifts for catholic baptism today!

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4. Noahs Ark Toy, 5-Piece Set

Tickle & Main bottle brings you Noahs Ark Toy, a complete set that is sure to bring your little ones a story of hope and comfort.

It is made with 100% cotton, making this toy perfect for hours of happy baths and snuggles.

Give your precious baby the gift of timeless joy with Noahs Ark Toy from Tickle&Main – it's the perfect way to mark all the special moments in your family’s life!

Soft, cozy cotton ensures complete comfort and comes in a vibrant array of colors.

With extra space in the ark, kids can transport their favorite endangered animals while they dream up tales of adventure and courage.

This fun-filled classic will have your children playing imaginatively for hours on end!

Add one to your collection today and let them explore, laugh, create and share something to last a lifetime.

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5. Bearington – Baby Baptism Bib

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a precious newborn’s baptism ceremony?

Look no further – we have just the thing!

Our beautiful Baptism Bib is a stunning and meaningful way to honor this important milestone in the baby's life.

This exquisite bib measures 10" x 10", making it the perfect size for any little baby’s delicate shoulders.

The embroidered white cross, with the word "Blessed" scripted across its body, will remind everyone of baby's special place in faith and family.

We've done our utmost to make this bib as comfortable as possible; the craftsmanship features a soft taffeta style background and an even softer taffeta style ruffle trim, plus a Velcro closure that makes dressing and undressing easier than ever before.

A Baptism Bib will surely make an amazingly thoughtful gift that illustrates your sincere love for the special child being baptized.

Show your dedication to baby’s spiritual journey with this lovely testament to faith - order yours today!

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6. Babies Security Blanket

Looking for a neutral gift for a new mom or baby?

Look no further than the Baby Lamb Lovie!

This ultra soft and cuddly security blanket is made from machine washable polyester, making it easy to care for.

Measuring 15 inches tall, it's the perfect size for carrying around or snuggling up with.

Plus, the cute lamb design is sure to please any little one.

Give the gift of comfort and security with the Baby Lamb Lovie!

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7. Precious Moments, You Are A Child Of God, Bisque Porcelain Cross

The You Are A Child of God Bisque Porcelain Cross is a perfect reminder of God’s love for us.

Crafted from fine bisque porcelain, this meaningful cross stands at 6.25 inches high and beautifully highlights the gift of Jesus Christ.

Every detail is exquisitely created, from the delicate curves of the cross to the intricate hand-painting that ensures the most vibrant colors.

This gorgeous piece is truly something special - an unique reminder that we all a child of God and no one will be denied his grace and compassion. 

When you give this exquisite cross as a gift to someone special, you’ll want them to treasure it forever - and it’s designed with care that lets you do just that!

The finest bisque porcelain provides an unwavering, long-lasting structure while sturdy paint withstands wear and tear throughout everyday life.

Satisfaction guaranteed, “You Are A Child Of God” offers its sincere faith message in bisque porcelain form, so pick up yours today – nothing says heartfelt more than this beautiful memento!

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8. Jesus Loves Me Songbook

The Jesus Loves Me 5-Button Songbook is a fun and interactive way for parents and children to learn about and bond over their Christian faith.

Each page has several icons that correspond with different buttons, which when pressed, play an upbeat piece of music.

The vibrant coloring in each sweet picture is sure to engage children, while the encouraging message promotes prayer through music.

This makes for a perfect Christian gift that will be cherished for years to come.

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9. Noah's Ark Wooden Toys

Looking for the perfect toy for your little one?

Look no further than TOOKYLAND's Noah's Ark Toys!

These fun and durable toys are perfect for learning about Bible stories, and make a great gift for any occasion.

With their bright colors and safe design, your child will love playing with these toys again and again.

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10. Ocean Drop - Baby Wearable Blanket

Are you looking for baby gifts that are unique, stimulating, and high quality?

Well, look no further than our Baby Wearable Blanket!

Perfect for keeping your little one safe and snug without any loose blankets crumpling up around their neck.

Our Sleep Sack is made of 100% cotton fibers to be both breathable and lightweight – so you can rest assured that your little one will stay comfortable through the night. 

The Sleep Sack is designed with both baby’s and parent’s needs in mind.

Its eye-catching patterns and stimulating design make it a perfect gift that will have your baby entertained while making sure they stay safe as they doze off.

The machine washable material ensures it stays fresh, clean, and ready for your next cuddling session. 

So why wait?

Show your love with this special gift and give them the comfort of knowing you care about them and the warmth of always being close to their side.

Get one now before our stock runs out!

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11. Aiden's Corner - Blessed Bodysuit

Welcome to the ultimate combination of comfort and style by way of the Blessed Bodysuit.

It is both incredibly convenient, thanks to its snap closure, and timelessly fashionable, allowing you to look effortlessly chic in a variety of occasions.

The cotton fabric ensures breathability for warm weather days and a cozy feel for those cold winter nights.

Boasting superior quality craftsmanship, this bodysuit was made entirely in the USA—a symbol of true excellence. 

The Blessed Bodysuit guarantees effortless care with its machine wash feature.

No more fussing over delicate garments or hand-washing; just pop it in your washing machine and you are good to go!

This is sure to make wonderful gift for someone special as it can be worn on all occasions, from casual days out to formal events.

So why wait?

Get blessed today with the marvelous Bodysuit!

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12. Precious Moments - Jesus Loves Me, Snow Globe

Welcome the charity and love of Jesus into your home or office with this gorgeous new snow globe!

Crafted of cold-cast resin and glass, this beautiful piece is lovingly hand painted to bring out the intricate details.

At approximately 5.5 inches high, it’s a perfect gift to remind those you care about of Jesus’ steadfast love.

So much more than a decoration, this snow globe allows you to turn your home or workplace into a place of deep comfort, no matter what life throws your way. 

Bring warmth and joy to any space with this little reminder that God cares for us.

Give yourself or someone else the gift of “Jesus Loves Me” Snow Globe - a meaningful way to celebrate His unwavering love during tough times and beyond!

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13. Cherished Moments Cross Bracelet

Treat yourself or someone special to a gift that will last a lifetime with the stunning Cherished Moments Cross Bracelet

This beautiful bracelet is made from high quality materials and is designed to last. You don't need to worry about sizing — because this bracelet is adjustable, it's sure to fit any wrist size perfectly!

With the secure clasp, you can rest assured that this timeless piece of jewelry will stay securely in place no matter where life takes you.

Plus, its stylish design is both elegant and discreet. Make lasting memories with this unique Keepsake Gift!

Whether it's for an anniversary, birthday, graduation or just simply to show how much you care, this delightful bracelet comes packaged inside a sleek gift box making it the perfect present!

Not only will they love the heartfelt sentiment but they’ll adore your thoughtful choice in jewelry — guaranteed. 

Order your one-of-a-kind Cross Bracelet today!From its beautiful craftsmanship to its gorgeous design, this timeless gift promises an unforgettable lifetime experience.

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14. Baptism Cross

Are you looking for an elegant and touching gift to commemorate someone's big day?

Look no further than our Baptism Cross!

This wall-mountable cross is made of polished metal and comes with a beautiful packaging that makes it the perfect present.

Measuring at approximately 7” long by 3.5” wide, this keepsake will undoubtedly remind your loved ones of their special day and serve as a timeless reminder of faith.

Elegant, meaningful, and perfect for any baptism celebration – grab one of these crosses today!

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15. Bedtime Prayers Praying Hands Board Book

Bring prayer into your family’s nightly routine with the Bedtime Prayers Book!

This beautiful, shaped board book offers children a selection of classic and modern bedtime prayers that will foster a lifelong love and commitment to prayer.

Young readers will be swept away in this magical and enchanting world – illustrated with vibrant colors and delicate brush strokes that brings life to each page.

With its easy-to-understand rhyming text and friendly illustrations, it’ll be easier than ever before for children to immerse themselves and deepen their relationship with Jesus.

The board book features thick pages that are perfectly sized for small hands, allowing them to flip through the pages over and over again; little ones can even hold on to the handle at the top of each page.

Plus, this is the perfect faith-based gift for newly baptized families, first communion parties, baby showers, or just about any religious-related occasion.

Read it every night for an optimal bedtime reading experience!

The Bedtime Prayers Book helps make religious education fun, interactive, and simple – inspiring young minds with timeless knowledge from Jesus’ teachings.

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16. CB Catholic - Resin Crib Medal

Introducing Crib Medal, the perfect addition to any new baby's room or nursery!

Made of high-quality plastic and measuring 3.5-inches in diameter and 0.5-inches deep, this medal is a charming and well-made piece of décor. 

The Crib Medal features the inspiring phrase "Baptized in Christ" for those parents who believe in baptism for their children.

Personalize it further with the baby's name and year of birth engraved on the back for a special detail that will make this something you'll treasure forever! 

Bring some extra joy to your newest arrival by adding some flair (and faith) to your home with this beautiful Crib Medal from our collection of gifts and décor items.

A terrific gift for new moms, baptisms, christenings, or first birthdays - let this sweet reminder take pride of place in your home today!

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17. God's Path Compass

If you're looking for a gift that will inspire and touch the heart, look no further than Oakiway Religious Gifts.

Our God's Path Compass is a unique and special way to show your loved ones just how much you care.

The compass comes in a beautiful, engraved keepsake box with an eye-catching plate on top. The engraving reads, "God's path always leads us home."

This heartfelt message is sure to fill your loved one with warmth and inspiration.

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18. Custom Christening Baseball Bat

Welcome to LifeSong Milestones and our exquisite Custom Christening Baseball Bat!

This perfect keepsake to commemorate your special occasion is handcrafted in the USA by skilled artisans from ash wood.

Its classic design features a customized inscription of your special date, name, or message.

It measures 18" long and 1.75" in diameter; a size that can be displayed proudly among other decor accents in the home or office.

This baseball bat is the ideal heirloom item to share with family and friends at christenings and baptisms or any other special occasion: it is an outstanding personal touch to use as a guest book, reading out each message as your recipient opens their gift.

With every swing of this beautiful long- lasting, personalized baseball bat they will remember the joyous event they attended years ago!

Our quality makes this gift one that can be treasured for multiple generations to come.

We look forward to celebrating with you; creating memories that will last a lifetime with our one-of-a -kind custom Christening Baseball Bat!

Give the perfect, timeless keepsake for your loved ones today and order yours now!

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19. Tickle & Main - Everybunny Prays Musical Gift Set

Welcome to the sweet world of Everybunny Prays!

This super-special musical gift set is the perfect way to mark special moments in your little one’s life - birthdays, holidays, or any day!

Inside the keepsake box, is a beautiful felt plush bunny that stands 7 inches tall - just perfect for cuddling up with.

And tucked inside the bunny is a beautiful book about prayer - showcasing how animals of all kinds come together and talk to each other.

What an inspirational tale!

But that’s not all; you’ll also find an amazing musical surprise - press the bunny's foot and it plays ‘Amazing Grace'.

A truly magical moment waiting to happen! The set comes packaged inside a special souvenir gift box for extra convenience.

The brilliant minds at Tickle & Main have outdone themselves with this timeless piece that will last through so many years of love, laughter, and of course...praying.

Make your next gathering even more special with Everybunny Prays!

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20. Wee Believers - Lil' Prayer Buddy Louie The Lamb (3 Prayer)

Introducing the cutest little companion for your child’s prayers: Lil' Prayer Buddy Louie The Lamb!

This handmade plush toy is crafted with high-quality cotton and polyester fibers, making him incredibly soft and cuddly.

With his sweet face and beautiful brown fur, Louie is sure to be your little ones' best friend.

He measures 10 inches in length—perfect for carrying around everywhere your child goes.

Plus, he comes with a manual on/off switch for easy use. 

Louie the Lamb will become a treasured part of your daily prayer routine—especially when you tuck him into bed at night so he can listen along to all of your child's heartful requests to God.

What a perfect gift idea for children aged 3 years and older!

Whether your special little one is celebrating a birthday, Easter or any other special occasion, they are sure to love this adorable Prayer Buddy.

Get them ready to start their journey of faith with their lovable animal pal in tow!

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21. Precious Moments - Noah's Ark Feeding Set

Introducing Noah's Ark Feeding Set - the perfect way to feed your little ones!

Crafted from sustainable and natural bamboo fibers, this feeding set is as stylish as it is practical.

The unique texture of the bamboo fibers lends a luxurious and tactile feel that can't be found in other sets. 

This set comes complete with a plate, bowl, cup, fork, and spoon - all made out of carefully crafted bamboo for maximum durability.

Best of all, this set is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning after use.

Plus, it makes for a great gift idea too! 

Treat your little ones with the Noah's Ark Feeding Set and enjoy the luxury feel of bamboo fibers - their meals will never be so enjoyable!

They'll love the special care that you've put into making mealtime comfortable and secure - not to mention how effortless your cleanup will be afterwards.

Get ready to dine on nature’s finest today – order now and make mealtime effortless with Noah’s Ark Feeding Set!

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22. Prayer Photo Book Album

Do you want to feel closer to your baby?

Our Personalized Prayer Photo Book Album is the perfect way to do just that!

This beautiful album is high quality and customisable, so you can create a unique keepsake for your little one.

The book is also interactive, so you can read and pray together while learning about different Bible stories.

It's the perfect gift for any occasion!

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23. Sacred Heart Toys - Baby Rosary My First Rosary

Introducing Baby Rosary My First Rosary!

This soft, non-toxic rosary is perfect for your little one.

Designed with the highest quality craftsmanship and the best materials, it is made from a durable and flexible polyester blend that will last them until they outgrow it.

Not only is it comfortable to use, but this My First Rosary encourages the development of motor skills through tactile play.

It also makes sure babies stay engaged by keeping their attention as they explore its shiny surfaces and smooth textures.

Measuring 7 1/2" x 6", this rosary was created with your child's safety in mind.

Give your baby the gift of this special keepsake while fostering their spiritual journey by introducing them to their very first rosary!

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24. Born to Love - Christening Socks with Cross Embroidery

Introducing Christening Socks – a timeless keepsake nothing short of perfect for baptisms and other special religious events.

Crafted from soft and breathable cotton, these white socks bring a stylish touch to any special outfit while keeping precious little feet cozy.

Delicate embroidery featuring a beautiful cross applique on the cuffs allows for an extra element of charm with lace trim all around the cuff providing that extra sweet detail.

Whether it's for a baptism or another special ceremony, Christening Socks are sure to become a cherished accessory that will last through the years.

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